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Architecture_Engineering _Urban Design


... We should all feel responsible for everything we do not do to alleviate the pains of the world. Our responsibility is to remain passive or speechless, in the face of injustice, inequality, the suffering of others.
The third world is not a geographically distant place, it is next to us. We breathe it every day, we pass through it every moment when injustices and selfishness prevent the dignity of others. Being responsible is actively carrying the weight of a moral imperative: witnessing our humanity with actions and words, participating to make the world a healthier, more humane place for everyone, regardless of skin color, religion, manhood or woman. Each of us can contribute to making a difference, each of us must convince ourselves that he has the strength to do this for himself and for others ...

(Enzo Falcone).

 Children of Kontum -  Vietnam


House of Smile-Danang(Vietnam)




Casa Italia-B.Duong (Vietnam)


Vinh Son I-Kontum (Vietnam)




Art School-Casthandal (Brasil)